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Ebates | $10 for you

Online version of rebates, you just click through their links to buy your Amazon, Nordstorm, Ann Taylor, Walmart, Target, etc. stuff. They do an automatic monthly deposit into your PayPal or mail you a physical check; my sister and coworkers love it. I've made $83 over 5-6 years haha! :) hey, money is money. Here's $10 when you first try it and I get $25.

Amazon App | $5 for you

$5 off your first purchase on the Amazon App. Use the code: JOANN32180N. Download the Amazon app in iOS or Android and apply the code JOANN32180N.

Classpass | $30 for you

A subscription to a gym classes all over town. There are tons of participating gyms and fun classes. I take one barre, one spin, and one interval training every month for $30/month ($10 a class). They have a $50/month subscription for 5 classes too. Here's $30 when you first try it and I get $30.

Graze | Two free snack boxes for you

An awesome snack box - I subscribe and get it sent to my work. Use my code to unlock your 1st & 5th delicious, wholesome snack boxes for free. Here's two free boxes and I get $1 off my box.

Brooklinen | $15 for you

Really awesome sheets and bedding. I love how the fitted sheet has tiny long and short side tags to tell you how to put on the sheet right the first time. Details. Here's $15 for you and $15 for me.